Stetoskop na białym tle


Procedure Price
medical visit 110
medical examination (pensioners, students, pupils) 90
urease test (testing for Helicobacter pylori) 50
gastroscopy 160
abdomen ultrasonography 80
videocolonoscopy 270
premedication before colonoscopy 70
videosigmoidoscopy 220
abdomen ultrasonography 80
surgical removal of hemorrhoids 200 – 250 zł
removal of hemorrhoids using infrared photocoagulation 150
rubber bands ligation for hemorrhoids 200
stress-free gastroscopy – applied though the nose 240
removal of polyps of 1 cm in diameter - loop diathermy (tweezers - free) 150
histopathological examination of mucosal samples 60
anesthesia for colonoscopy and gastroscopy by the anesthesiologist 250-350 zł
gastroscopy NBI 260
colonoscopy NBI 360

In the case where the patient requires more than one examination procedure, or visit + examination, we offer a discount of 10-20 zł.
We accept payment by cash and credit card.