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About us

The Specialist Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center (the Center) was founded in 1998, building on the work of Dr. Orest Hnidec’s Private Gastroenterology Practice established in 1983. The Center’s Staff is formed of qualified medical specialists from the Gastroenterology Clinic; the Medical University of Białystok; the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology - Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Białystok; the Department of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine of the Regional Hospital in Białystok, II Department of General Surgery – Medical University of Białystok; Department of Surgery – Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Białystok. All staff members have many years of certified experience, and are dedicated to continuous learning in their areas of expertise.


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Nurse Irena Rejent

Endoscopical nurse


Małgorzata Korolczuk

Endoscopical nurse


Barbara Smażewska


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