Stetoskop na białym tle

About Us

The Specialist Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center (the Center) was founded in 1998, building on the work of Dr. Orest Hnidec’s Private Gastroenterology Practice established in 1983. Dr. Hnidec’s Practice was the first private gastroenterology facility to be located in Białystok (north-eastern Poland), where – starting from 1986, the first private ultrasonography examination service became available. In August 2000 the Center was moved to the premises of the Private Medical Center “LEKMED”, sited on 19 Ogrodowa St. in Białystok (between Kraszewskiego and Sienkiewicza St.). Both the waiting room and medical offices are air-conditioned. The Center’s building was designed by Marian Szymański, M.Arch, in accordance with European Union regulations. Guests with disabilities can access the Center using a designated wheelchair ramp. Other offices located in the “LEKMED” building are easily reachable by a wheelchair-accessible elevator.

The Center’s Staff is formed of qualified medical specialists from the Gastroenterology Clinic; the Medical University of Białystok; the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology - Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Białystok; the Department of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine of the Regional Hospital in Białystok, II Department of General Surgery – Medical University of Białystok; Department of Surgery – Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Białystok.

Upper (EDG) and lower endoscopy procedures are performed in two dedicated endoscopy units, with a separate recovery area available for patients. The equipment used during endoscopy procedures includes state-of-the-art Olympus video endoscopes and disposable rectoscopes. “Toshiba”(Nemio) and “Philips” devices are used in abdominal ultrasonography. The ultrasound laboratory is certified by the Polish Ultrasound Society. The medical equipment used in endoscopy procedures is always sterilized using automatic endoscope washer-disinfector with UV lamp, and ultrasonic washer unit, providing the patients’ with maximum protection against any infections. All staff members have many years of certified experience, and are dedicated to continuous learning in their areas of expertise.